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Healthy Eating in March – Some Tips

🔅Warm days are here and this year winter has been longer. Our bodies have natural mechanism to store a little fat when it is colder. In warm weather, body naturally releases some of this fat.

💚As body is releasing stored fats in response to warmer weather, this can cause more of congestions and related health issues. This release of fats by body also causes weaker appetite.

Ayurveda Tips

🍹Drink more water, vegetable juices and citrus juices

🍋Eat Bitter – Karela, Methi, Lemon Peels, Citrus peels as these help metabolise fats

🥬Green leafies like Palak, Lettuce, Rocket leaves help cleanse liver

🌶️Add more Chillies, Kali Mirch, Cinnamon, Ginger and kachchi Haldi to meals

🌿Use more of Dhania family – Coriander, Celery, Parsley as these are diuretics

🥕Quick pickles of Gajar and Mooli in Sarson and Methi seeds as an addition to meals

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