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Welcome to club of enlightened ones who know that it is not just one wheat but there are many wheats. And that there are varieties like Khapli Wheat that are suitable for even diabetics so definitely suitable for someone looking to shed a few kilos but can not give up wheat. 

Khapli is definitely a healthy cereal despite being a wheat. It has more proteins than usual wheats (~14% vs ~10%). It also has less carbs, more fiber compared to usual wheats. Khapli wheat is expensive mainly because as yield per acre is fraction of usual hybridised market wheats whose aatas are main cause of many health issues we are saddled with.

All About Khapli and other Wheats

Usually, wheats have 68-77% Carbs, 10-14% proteins, 12-15% fibers and 1-2.5% hard fibers. These are broad ranges and there may be wheats outside of these ranges like Einkorn which has 16-20% proteins content. Gluten is a type of protein and usually all wheats (including Khapli) have gluten content around 8% so there are no GLUTEN FREE wheats.

Khapli wheat also know as Emmer Wheat is an ancient wheat. Emmer Wheats created some 10000 years ago when our ancestors moved into farming as way of life. Khapli is native to Central Maharashtra region. On the Carb, Protein, Fiber parameters, Khapli is on right side of ranges for diabetics as it is lower in carbs and has more proteins and fibers that usual cheap market aatas.

We source our Khapli from Maharashtra. Since their a little bit of hybridisation has happened in Khapli too as it is commercially valuable, it is important to source the ancient, un-hybridised grains by going directly to farmers like we do. 

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