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The Mango Story

Alphonso aka Hapus

Summers are here and so are mangoes. While watermelon and kharboojas also are summer fruits, nothing makes summer feel like summer like Mangoes do. The sheer variety, the aroma, the stories of Mango are essence of hot days and in some ways, saviours from unforgiving heat of northern India



Mango season begins Alphonsos in a way. Kerala and adjacent Karnataka mangoes are first to arrive, but it is arrival of Alphonsos that begins mango season in our Delhi and nearby cities. 

Well there are alphonsos, and then there are Ratnagiri Alphonsos and then there are Sanesa's Organic Ratnagiri Alphonsos... Once you have tasted ours, you will want more... and you will treasure your last box from Sanesa, carefully to lengthten shelf life, will turn some into puree for later use and after all is over ,,,,,you will eagerly wait for next season 

Other Mangoes

We have loads of other mangoes varieties that will follow Alphonsos. Here is broad schedule of arrival. For more details, please ask for our mango booklet.

Banganpalli aka Safeda by end April                                           Imam Pasand and Andhra Varieties early May
Kesar, Dasheri and Gujarat Varieties around Mid May     Malda, Langra and Bihar UP Mangoes early June

Chausa around Mid July

All our fruits are naturally ripened so have no worries of any harmful carbides etc in our mangoes. Please check our general information here

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