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Citrus Fruits

Our Organic Fruits

Welcome to Sanesa Yourganic. Before we ask you to buy from us, here are few things about our fruits that are important.  We have a somewhat limited range of fruits for certain reasons. We try to explain those below.

We have been delivering Organic Vegetables, Fruits and Groceries to our customers since 2017.  We home deliver to most locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad within 6 hours to within a day, depending on distance from our shop in Gurgaon. 


Buying organic is not just taking about responsibility for your own health, it is also a way to preserve our planet as organic farming reduces exploitation of Earth in many ways.  

Cold Stored Fruits are avoidable

We prefer fruits that are in season. Cold storing fruits does impact nutrition as well as taste with a few exceptions like Apples, Kiwis. We believe an important consideration behind consuming Organic fruits is nutrition hence cold storing of fruits should be for minimal period. As much as possible, it is better to consume fresh and in season fruits.

Among our current offerings, only Apples are offered from Cold storage. Happy to explain why we made the exception.

Imported fruits - We don't do

Largely, imported fruits travel from their country to any destination in ships that are actually floating cold stores only. Added to that is the mental block we have when it comes to offering fruits from orchards which we havent seen and known. We prefer a little more that certifcations.

Sanesa Guarantee

We understand that buying organic vegetables and fruits and other organic groceries is a big decision. Whether you are already buying organic or you are considering to switch to organic, you will have a few questions that should be answered by us if we wish to become your chosen place to buy organic vegetables, fruits and groceries.  Please feel free as it your Right to ask and our duty to answer those

Naturally Ripened Fruits

All our fruits are allowed to ripen naturally. It increases wastages, make availability less predictable that usually artificially ripened fruits. But mostly when you taste these naturally ripened Bananas, Papayas, Mangoes etc., we don't really need to convince you.

Sourced directly from Orchards

Most of our fruits come from specific orchards as fruits taste and nutrition can differ within the same geography too. We offer you fruits that are grown by farmers well known to us, have certifications, their produce has been tested by us and mostly their quality is a notch above. 

Verified with Lab Tests

We have built our fruits supplies very gradually over pat 6 years. All the fruits we provide come from farmers whose produce has already been tested by us (apart from other filters we apply before starting to source). 

Please see our Lab reports section for detailed reports

What Our Customers Say

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Priyanka Kapoor

I'm in awe of Sanesa not only for their products but also for their outstanding services.They have this fantastic quality of going that extra mile for your special needs and demands.One can be rest assured of the quality and authenticity when it comes to Sanesa which is rare to be seen these days.
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