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Healthy Eating in March : Don’t throw away Orange, Lemon and other Citrus peels

Stop throwing away orange peels after eating the fruit or lemon skin after squeezing out the juice. Citrus peels rich in phytochemicals compounds which help to resist bacterial and fungal infections and in anti-oxidants that prevent cellular damage. In fact, one tablespoon of lemon zest supplies 9 percent of your daily vitamin C.

How to use peels:

1. It is easy to make citrus peel at home. You can dry peels in sunlight or low setting of oven or use both as step 1 and 2. Simply grind when dried out and store the powder. Add to chutneys, salads.

2. Peels can also be made into marmaldes using oil and little bit of gur, just to make bitterness a little palatable. Use as accompaniment to any meal as bitter-sweet ending.

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