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How it works...

From farm to fork, we personally get involved in transportation and delivery... All delivery staff are on our rolls to ensure their financial security and personalized service delivery with safety.


We are here for the long term...

Sanesa Yourganic is our baby, our love and our life, all rolled into one. And thus, we sincerely hope we will be able to serve you well and be a permanent part of the rest of your life. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in finding the perfect organic products that suit your needs. We take the time to understand your preferences and offer tailored recommendations to ensure your satisfaction. 


The Problems

Problem 1: Quick Delivery isn’t always possible. On real emergencies, we will do anything to fulfil your needs but on usual days, it is better to let things go on auto pilot.

Problem 2: All items in orders are not served. Organic Veggies and Organic Fruits are fresh products and have various unique challenges. We fulfill almost 98% of items ordered with us as we will only service produce coming from our verified organic farmers.

We almost always serve orders within a day, mostly within 6 hours of receiving the order. We should be able to serve missed items over 2 days from order missed date. Please don't hesitate to ask our team to deliver when available.


Authentic Organic Standards

At Sanesa Yourganic, we adhere to the highest standards when it comes to the authenticity of our products. We source our organic goods from trusted farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Rest assured, every product you purchase from us is carefully selected and meets our stringent quality criteria.

That said, we treat your word as final on whether the product is of a quality that meets your expectations. We don’t believe in pushing your quality expectations aside in the name of ‘organic’. Nature is beautiful and blissful and there is no reason for our products to not be of decent quality. QUALITY IS WHAT YOU APPROVE OF.


Returns and Refunds

Replacement will always be given. Mostly, the issue is one-off and doesn’t get repeated. At times, an issue might not be remediable in short term or it could be last batch for a product for the season. In such instances, we offer refunds. As a customer, off course, you do have a choice of seeking refund for products where quality is not up to the mark in your judgement.


Quite often, we ignore the ‘apparent and visual quality’ of a product as we are focused on ensuring ‘intrinsic quality’. In case of a mismatch between your expectations and deliverable quality, we would seek a discussion to explain our side, to hear from you and quite often, to learn from you. We have no shame in admitting that our customers have educated us a lot on various aspects in this journey and you may know a few things that we don’t.


Ordering for Home Delivery or Pick Up

You may order for delivery to your home from our website @ Sanesa Yourganic | Order Organic Online or from our iOS App @ or from our Android App @ Minimum order size for free delivery is ₹750 per order. We will be happy if you would want to visit and pick up from our store. For directions, tap

Please don’t hesitate to tap in case you have any questions or queries. We will be happy to answer them.

For any orders for delivery out of Delhi NCR, we urge you to chat with us over WhatsApp or to call us on +91-9873-SANESA (+91-9873-726372) for information on what products can be delivered to your address and what would be the additional cost for the same.


The Delivery

Once the order is received, we fulfil it as mentioned above.


More than 98% of the deliveries are completed by our permanent staff. Our staff, just like our farmers is verified and we ensure anyone coming in touch with you is 100% trustworthy just like our produce. 

We wish you health & happiness as you join the organic way with Sanesa Yourganic.

Organic Vegetables


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