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Organic Vegetables from Sanesa Yourganic

Nutrition needs freshness too but looks can be misleading. We explain here what we do to ensure that when you buy organic vegetables from us, these are full of health and nutrition.

We don’t like much of modernity around farming. Same goes for handling the produce once it reaches us so we try not to elongate shelf life too long with interventions. All our fruits are naturally ripened. Wherever necessary, we choose seeds that are handed down by nature and not created in labs. Below are few notes that explain how the stuff you get is handled, created, originated.

Apart from control over sourcing, in order to deliver nutrition to you, vegetables need to be fresh. However, there is slight problem there. Naturally, most vegetables have peels that let moisture escape and get dehydrated. That’s nature but as humans, we don’t like the looks of a dehydrated vegetable (although while cooking we will add some water to it)

Usual shops or vegetable vendor method to handle this is simple. Keep sprinkling water on veges and keep them hydrated. Apart from looks, this also helps in reducing weight loss. But elongating shelf life like this, will surely impact nutrition that you get from a vegetable especially vitamins.

We don’t do these things. Here is what we do

We try to get vegetables to you within 48 hours of harvesting and generally don’t sell vegetables beyond 72 hours of harvesting. Off course, there are exceptions here like Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Sweet Potato, Yam etc which you be will be fine with. Leafies, we try to keep for even shorter period.

Still, our vegetables may not appear fresh at times. During very hot months like May and June, delivery time to your home from our shop could be 3 to 4 hours. In that heat, vegetables will de-hydrate even more and may look wilted to you. We try putting some ice packs in delivery bags to temperature inside somewhat low but that’s a not perfect solution.

The real test will be when you cut and cook our vegetables. Since these are actually fresh (not apparently fresh), the taste will differentiate on its own. Our lauki will have enough water. And more than anything, these vegetables will have higher nutrition too.

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