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Haldi Raw Turmeric
  • Haldi Raw Turmeric

    Does the pic look like that of ginger? That's because both ginger and haldi belong to the same Zingiberaceae family. Raw Haldi is used to make pickles, is added to curries, soups, smoothies, and health drinks. Haldi is touted for its wide-ranging health benefits. It is said to have anti-septic and blood purifying properties. It is said to be good for coughs, colds, skin infections, inflammations, joint pains, ailments of the non-alcoholic fatty liver. It is supposed to bring glow to the skin and is important for immunity boosting. Hard Fact: Indian diet contains enough haldi, there is no need to look for high curcumin variants or to unnecessarily drink kaadha. It can damage liver and should be consumed in a very judicious manner.

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