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5 Compelling reasons why Organic Food is better than regular produce

It is no secret that organic food is healthier than its non-organic counterparts, especially now that the organic market is setting new records in terms of sales.

In recent years, the awareness for organic food grew rapidly with a large number of people opting to eat safe and healthy food. With the Covid-19 situation in the mix, the need for a healthier lifestyle got further emphasized. Sanesa has been delivering fresh organic vegetables & fruits in Delhi and Gurgaon directly from the farm.

Now that we have realized that the food we eat plays an important role in building our immunity and maintaining our health, switching to organic food seems to be the right decision. But does organic food really affect our health as it is said to do or is the entire organic lifestyle a hoax?

Let’s take a look:

Does it help in improving our health?

Organic food is said to improve health. But how is it any better than currently commercially grown food? Well..first of all, organic food is grown entirely in a natural way, which means organic farmers don’t employ harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers while farming. Instead, organic farming makes use of green manures to fertilize the land and crop rotation to enhance the soil’s health. The natural process of growing food makes the yield safer and healthier. So, organic food is, in fact, a healthier and safer alternative compared to traditionally grown food.

Does Organic food contain high amounts of antioxidants?

Organic food contains 50% more antioxidants than regular food. Since organically grown food doesn’t rely on chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides, they produce their protective compounds, namely antioxidants. Thus organically grown food is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are directly transferred to your diet and can help you avoid diseases and stay fit if you eat organic food.

Does organic produce Taste better?

One of the undisputed facts about organic food is that it tastes better. Many experts credit the better taste of organic food to the soil care practice by farmers. Since soil is well-nourished, the plants that grow on it are well-nourished too and the yield is richer in nutrients and minerals. The fact that organic food grows without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers also makes it retain a better taste. In fact, one of the main reasons people all over the world are preferring organic food, besides more nutrient retention, is the better taste of the products.

Organic food may not have a polished and shiny look as most commercially grown food, but they make up for it with their taste and high-nutrient content.

Improves body's natural immune system

The regular commercial method of farming employs a high amount of chemicals and pesticides to increase the rate and amount of the produce. While these methods help in the faster growth of the yields, their effect on our health can’t go unnoticed. High levels of chemicals in food can lead to compromised immunity and long-term effects on our health.

Organic food, on the other hand, not only limits the number of chemicals in our food but also helps improve our immune system. When we make it a habit to eat organic, we develop our immune system to keep the diseases, illnesses, and other ailments at bay.

Organic food is environment-friendly

Since organic food is grown without the use of chemicals, it does not harm the environment. The organic food growing method does little to no harm to the environment and causes minimum water, air, and soil pollution. Now that the demand for organic food is rising, it also means that the amount of damage done to the environment in the name of farming will be lessened. Many people have chosen organic farming especially because of its environment-friendly nature.

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