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At the time of our beginning in summer of ‘17, we knew nothing about farming. So organic farming idea looked even more audacious. And to begin with this was not even the idea in our minds. We just stumbled over organic farming in a couple of chance encounters and got intrigued. Ever since, it has been a journey full of new experiences, incessant experiments most of which did end in a failure. What has kept us going all the while, is mostly the affection from a few loving customers whose trust overwhelms us even today. That faith gives us the courage to plod on when another experiment fails.   Today we are a 40+ acre farm about 100 km from Delhi near Panipat. We have grown or attempted to grow almost every vegetable and salad item, we have grown multiple varieties of rice, wheat and other pulses and sugarcane. And few crops like peanuts and sesame were attempted in last season.     From not even knowing the right season for many crops to where we have reached today, it has been a fulfilling journey. We are glad that we decided to farm ourselves and this is one thing we feel quite sure of that we will continue to be farmers for life.



Our mission at Sanesa Natural Farms has multiple dimensions like our customers, our world and our neighbourhood. For our customers, we want to provide them with good quality healthy and pesticide free food. We strive to provide freshest vegetables so we get fresh supplies from our farm thrice a week. And we don’t sell most of veges beyond two days of harvesting, leafy vegetables never sold beyond this deadline. To protect our customers from harmful chemicals and un-nut ritious food, we have an absolute commitment to never use any chemical fertiliser or pesticide at our farms. We learnt it gradually that how much of climate change is caused by wrong form of agriculture which passes off as modern agriculture including modern fertilisers, irrigation techniques and seeds. The havoc being unleashed in unimaginable and not so apparent. We are in a way attempting to turn the clock back a little. Old seeds, no fertiliser, no pesticides and more manual methods of harvesting instead of big machines. We also want to strike a point against rampant monoculture promoted by current food economy which is a much more significant cause of climate change than many other factors.We want to put trees back on farms so that birds too have a place to live. So we have been planting trees on farm ever since and we will dedicate more than an acre in these monsoons to variety of trees. We want our neighbor farmers to shift away from pesticides and Fertilisers, not by lecturing but by showing them the proof. We also want to be intimate part of our neighbourhood. To this end, we employ only local labor and we did it quite against advice given to us. After two years, we feel happy about it though alternates may have been more economical but we wouldn’t want to change it. We want to be part of our community. The local knowledge that we are helping revive gradually, will be our real prize. When you look thru pictures of our farm on our Facebook page, you will come across a few which show sort of grass hut over few plants. It is a local grass and local technology that is far superior in protecting plants from than expensive and polluting polyhouse technology being promoted as next big thing in agriculture.


How to

We have continuously added to our product list which began only with vegetables. Today we offer fruits, dry fruits, spices, rice, attas, pulses well as many other usual grocery items. Apart from own products, we also buy from a select set of farmers and we know almost of each of them personally and quite intimately. We prefer to build our sourcing slowly and very carefully and that is the reason why many of the products not available with us. For details refer to products on Shopping page. 


We provide home deliveries in Gurgaon almost everyday, most area of Delhi and Noida are serviced twice a week.We can do special deliveries too at any place in NCR if the order size is viable for us to cover the delivery costs.

Our groceries can be delivered anywhere India via courier at nominal extra charges for courier.

You can drop into our outlet at Basement 217, Block B,  Sushant Lok Ph 1, Gurgaon.
You can also CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP to us at 9873 Sanesa (726373).

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